[OSGeo-UK] Unlock - EDINA's gazetteer and geoparser services

Andrew Larcombe andrew at andrewlarcombe.co.uk
Sun Dec 13 16:29:19 EST 2009

> ...
>> I'm also very interested in getting more feedback on the text  
>> parser from
>> people who have been working with alternatives (such as Yahoo!  
>> PlaceMaker -
>> http://developer.yahoo.com/geo/placemaker/ )
> This is very interesting, as I'm doing a comparison of placemaker /
> geoparser / geodoc at the moment!
> I kept on getting errors "Error executing command-line application "
> when I saved and then uploaded a html document.
> However, when I copied and pasted the text into a text file, and
> uploaded that, i got "Incorrect number of parameters" for xml output
> (The JSON and KML seemed to work though)
> Will the API allow a user to specify a url for a remote file?
> I'll look forward to incorporating this into my evaluation :)

I'm getting "Error executing command-line application" for seemingly  
every combination of options that I try. Is it borked at the mo?



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