[OSGeo-UK] Unlock - EDINA's gazetteer and geoparser services

Jo Walsh jo.walsh at ed.ac.uk
Mon Dec 14 05:58:46 EST 2009

dear Andrew, Chippy, thanks for testing this, and argh,

Andrew Larcombe wrote:
>> I'll look forward to incorporating this into my evaluation :) 
> I'm getting "Error executing command-line application" for seemingly 
> every combination of options that I try. Is it borked at the mo?

What I can tell you from a quick test is that "the commandline 
application" (the named entity recogniser) is currently *very* sensitive 
to the incoming document format and what the parameters claim the format 
should be. If you're handing it plain text but stating that it's XML, it 
will blow up, and vice versa - not great for usability :/

I also know that if you POST either a very short document fragment with 
no candidate placenames in it, *OR* a document that doesn't contain any 
syntax (punctuation or XML elements), it will blow up.

Skipping over "we should have tested more before letting it out of the 
box", we're working to resolve the format problems and to improve the 
error output somewhat. Any more detailed feedback (combination of 
parameters, content of documents) direct to myself and to Joe, cc'd, 
would be much appreciated.



Jo Walsh

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