[OSGeo-UK] Unlock - EDINA's gazetteer and geoparser services

Jo Walsh jo.walsh at ed.ac.uk
Thu Dec 17 05:28:04 EST 2009

dear Chippy, Andrew, all,

 >> I kept on getting errors "Error executing command-line application "
>> when I saved and then uploaded a html document.
>> However, when I copied and pasted the text into a text file, and
>> uploaded that, i got "Incorrect number of parameters" for xml output
>> (The JSON and KML seemed to work though)

Right, we found the likely cause of your html-parsing issue and have 
reinstated the HTML option in the form-based interface.


Otherwise, that page has been expanded to explain the different options, 
hopefully somewhat clearly. The main outstanding caveat is that if you 
use the 'XML' document type option, but the document isn't well-formed 
XML, you'll still see the unfriendly error.

Next step is to trap the different error states better, but that will 
take longer to resolve working with our partners in this part of the 
project, the wonderful people at the Language Technology Group in the 
University of Edinburgh's School of Informatics.



Jo Walsh

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