[OSGeo-UK] IRC meeting today

Joanne Cook j.cook at oxfordarch.co.uk
Tue Aug 17 12:12:55 EDT 2010

Dear All,

A successful meeting was held on IRC this afternoon- thanks to everyone who attended. The logs are attached and will be posted to the OSGeo UK website. The next IRC meeting will be on Tuesday 21st September at 3pm. 

The main things we discussed were the logo- in order to keep the main foundation's marketing committee happy, and make sure we adhere to trademark guidelines we're going to go for a logo like this www.cugos.org (bottom right). This is not as pretty or as unique as the one we wanted to go for, but will ensure a strong link with the OSGeo main brand.

Secondly there are a number of events coming up at which an OSGeo:UK presence will be possible- obviously FOSS4G is in Barcelona in a couple of weeks- I look forward to catching up with people there! Then there will be the AGI GeoCommunity conference at the end of the month in Stratford- and we are planning an informal meeting there on the 29th September at lunch time- the venue will be weather dependent. Wherecamp UK will be held on the 12th-13th of November in Nottingham, we are hoping to have an OSGeo slot at that.

Mike Saunt of Astun Technologies has very kindly offered to donate 500 pounds to our (currently zero) finances, in order to finance the purchase of a banner and other advertising materials. This is a fantastic offer from Mike, and we hope to back it up soon with sponsorship from other companies. If you are interested in contributing to our funds, then do let me know on or off list- we do hope to offer some very positive publicity in return.

On a similar note, if anyone would like some leaflets or other materials to hand out at events, or would be in a position to speak about OSGeo and would like some publicity material to take along, then do let us know as we do have some, and are trying to get more together.

All the best

Joanne Cook
Senior IT Support and Development
Oxford Archaeology (North)
01524 880212

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[15:02] <Suchith> Hi all, This is Suchith Anand from University of Nottingham
[15:02] <Archaeogeek> Hi All, Jo Cook here
[15:02] <mikesaunt> hello all Mike Saunt here...
[15:03] <AP_> Hello, I am Abi Page from Central Scotland Forest Trust - new to OS Geo but curious enough to sit in.
[15:04] <Archaeogeek> Hi Abi good to see you here
[15:04] <AP_> thanks Jo
[15:04] <Archaeogeek> I have a few things I want to discuss, but would like to wait till a few more people drop by first
[15:06] <mikesaunt> Jo, may want to tag on that I saw Andy Coote, AGI Chair for 2010 yesterday and mentioned OSGeo:UK collaboration and he mentioned their 'outreach' program...
[15:07] <Archaeogeek> AGI's outreach program?
[15:07] <Archaeogeek> Haven't heard of it...
[15:08] <mikesaunt> I'm sure it was something like that but basically was approaching him for collaboration and that OSGeo:UK isn't like a commercial supplier...
[15:09] <Archaeogeek> OK, definitely worth chasing up then- possibly at the conference if not before- also that chimes with a conversation I had with Chris Holcroft a while back
[15:11] <mikesaunt> Chris Holcroft is due to give me a call on a unrelated matter but I'll raise it with him then too.  Other matters?
[15:11] <mikesaunt> for us to discuss?
[15:12] <Archaeogeek> Not really,  I don't think. We had talked about running joint workshops etc- I think that would work well- it would be nice to get OSS into their CPD scheme...
[15:12] <mikesaunt> OK
[15:13] <Archaeogeek> Well, the things I have to talk about today are the logo, and who is going to be at various conferences etc.
[15:13] <Archaeogeek> I ran the logo that Saber created past the marketing committee, and they didn't really go for it
[15:13] <mikesaunt> do you have a link to that version?
[15:14] <Archaeogeek> There are two issues with it- firstly the OSGeo compass logo is supposed to be used "as is" or completely different- you're not supposed to tweak it
[15:14] <Archaeogeek> Secondly the UK part is supposed to be in blue, apparently rather than green- which is OK for logos on screen but makes it harder to do t-shirts etc
[15:15] <Archaeogeek> here's the link: http://ubuntuone.com/p/A7c/
[15:16] <AP_> sorry I can't open that for some reason
[15:17] <AP_> got it now
[15:17] <mikesaunt> Jo, to be clear, are they saying we must have the UK in blue?
[15:18] <Archaeogeek> Yes- I'm trying to find a link to what they mean
[15:19] <Archaeogeek> Like this: http://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo/browser/marketing/logo/png8/300/OSGeo_project.png
[15:20] <Archaeogeek> There is some confusion in the guidelines- the trademark guidelines say "OSGeo's trademarks should be used in their exact form", but the logo guidelines say "Especially for Local Chapters feel free to modify and integrate the OSGeo logo components into whatever you already had".
[15:20] <mikesaunt> http://www.cugos.org/ - bottom right
[15:20] <Archaeogeek> Yes, that's exactly it
[15:21] <mikesaunt> this is different and would be quite easy to follow - http://wiki.osgeo.org/images/4/45/OSGeoAfrica_logo75dpi.png
[15:22] <mikesaunt> or alternatively the first link at cugos.org just with United Kingdom in blue.  Personally I don't think we should be getting too hung up on the logo
[15:23] <Suchith> i too agree
[15:23] <Archaeogeek> Just trying to be a democracy- and also Saber did a nice job on the first logo, it's a shame we can't really use it
[15:25] <Archaeogeek> But, if those that are here are happy with the cugos.org idea, then I'm happy to go with that and get on with things :-)
[15:25] <Suchith> +1
[15:25] <mikesaunt> +1
[15:25] <Archaeogeek> The next thing I am trying to do is get together a list of who's going to be at FOSS4G
[15:25] <mikesaunt> 0
[15:26] <AP_> +1 for logo here
[15:26] <Suchith> unfortunately i wont be able to go for this year's FOSS4G
[15:26] <AP_> 0 FOSS4G
[15:26] <mikesaunt> 0 FOSS4G
[15:27] <Archaeogeek> I'll put a request out on the list as I think a few people are going to be there- I will do a report about the chapter for the main OSGeo AGM, and do as much informal publicity as I can
[15:27] <Archaeogeek> Try and get us some new members
[15:27] <AP_> are you going Jo?
[15:28] <Archaeogeek> Yes (yippee)
[15:30] <Archaeogeek> The next thing is to get a rough idea of numbers for AGI GeoComm, as we're going to have an informal guerilla meeting there on the 29th
[15:30] <mikesaunt> +1 AGI
[15:30] <Suchith> +1 AGI
[15:30] <AP_> +1
[15:31] <Archaeogeek> Mike- you mentioned this NLPG exemplar awards
[15:31] <Archaeogeek> Not something I'm familiar with
[15:32] <mikesaunt> did I?  Basically Public Sector but very specialised in Address Gazetteers - can't remember when I mentioned!
[15:32] <Archaeogeek> In an email today :-)
[15:33] <Archaeogeek> Is there an OSGeo link at all?
[15:33] <mikesaunt> Oh yes - sorry (one of those days) basically I can start to try to raise awareness within Local Government there - if you all agree that is OK
[15:35] <Archaeogeek> Definitely worth starting to raise awareness
[15:35] <Suchith> Yes
[15:35] <Archaeogeek> I was just looking for an email contact I had about a short course being run later in the year and looking for speakers
[15:36] <mikesaunt> sure - maybe I can get some brochures at the AGI - do we (OSGeo:UK) have any popup banners?
[15:36] *** ant-cranfield (~antony.sc at mail2.sustain.co.uk) joined
[15:36] <mikesaunt> Matt Walker would be good for a speaker...
[15:36] <Archaeogeek> We don't have any popup banners (yet)- this is the kind of thing I am trying to get some money/sponsorship for
[15:36] <Suchith> I will bring some OSGeoo brochures for AGI
[15:37] <Archaeogeek> I thought this event might be something to point local government types at- but not if I can't find the stupid email
[15:37] <Archaeogeek> Suchith- how many do you have? I am running out
[15:37] <mikesaunt> popups - they should only be a few hundred (including artwork time) - I could arrange one or am I being premature?
[15:38] <Archaeogeek> We have zero cash and no bank account at the moment, so possibly a little premature
[15:38] <Suchith> i am send some to you. I have around 200 left from Tyler brought for OSGIS
[15:38] <AP_> there is a Scottish Mapping Agreement members meeting soon, if there were leaflets that could be left
[15:38] <Archaeogeek> I've been paying for things out of my own pocket so far :-(
[15:38] <Archaeogeek> Suchith- that would be great thanks
[15:38] <AP_> thats no good Jo :-(
[15:39] <Suchith> welcome. i will post it to your office address
[15:39] <mikesaunt> popup - I can shout that from Astun Technology to get the ball rolling - I might also approach 1Spatial and possibly OS for some 'local sponsorship'
[15:39] <Suchith> that is excellent Mike
[15:39] <Archaeogeek> Have talked to OS- need to chase that up again but if you have a contact with 1spatial that would be cool- I can get the account sorted with the AGI
[15:39] <Archaeogeek> (they hold accounts for small orgs)
[15:40] <Archaeogeek> And Astun will get first billing on our sponsors page :-)
[15:40] <Archaeogeek> Mike- I can point you in the direction of the official OSGeo artwork for banners etc
[15:40] <Suchith> Also there is going to be a WhereCamp UK on 12th to 13th November 2010 at University of Nottingham.  I want to make sure there is a strong OSGEo:UK presence for this
[15:41] <Archaeogeek> Is there? great!
[15:41] <mikesaunt> don't worry about the sponsor page that too much Jo (but nice all the same done!).  Can you let me know the OS contact?  Maybe I can be a 'fundraiser' ;-)
[15:41] <ant-cranfield> hi sorry v late antony scott cranfield
[15:41] <mikesaunt> Suchith - WhereCamp - sounds v. interesting
[15:42] <Suchith> One of colleagues here Hanif Rahamtulla is organising it
[15:42] <Archaeogeek> Mike- I'll revisit my OS contact then get back to you- we were half way through a discussion a while back so I'll see where that goes
[15:42] <Suchith> i have asked for a OSGeo slot for the event
[15:42] <mikesaunt> great - is there a website ?
[15:43] <Archaeogeek> OK- we will need details of how long, what sort of thing you're after etc- is it going to be along the same lines as the one in London earlier this year?
[15:43] <Suchith> i will let you know once it is ready
[15:43] <Suchith> please forward it to your contacts
[15:43] <mikesaunt> Suchith, quicker we know quicker we can get in things like AGI.org.uk, Geoconnexion etc
[15:44] <Suchith> i think so, i will email Hanif and ask to contact  Jo, Mike and anyone else interested
[15:47] <Archaeogeek> Great, thanks Suchith
[15:47] <Archaeogeek> Hi Antony, by the way :-)
[15:47] <Suchith> can one of you be interested to give a talk for the WhereCamp?
[15:48] <Archaeogeek> Sure
[15:48] <Suchith> if so, please let me know
[15:48] <Suchith> good
[15:49] <Archaeogeek> Anything else anyone wants to raise?
[15:50] <Archaeogeek> I can see some action points here, and the next meeting will be after FOSS4G I guess
[15:50] <mikesaunt> Can we confirm the time for this guerilla meeting at AGI?
[15:51] <Archaeogeek> "lunch"
[15:51] <Archaeogeek> whenever that is exactly
[15:51] <mikesaunt> which day?
[15:51] <Archaeogeek> 29th
[15:51] <mikesaunt> great
[15:51] <Archaeogeek> venue depends on the weather and the number of potential attendees
[15:52] <Archaeogeek> If there are no other points to discuss- shall I attempt to sum up?
[15:53] <Suchith> sure
[15:54] <Archaeogeek> OK- so we agree on a logo like the one at www.cugos.org (bottom right)
[15:54] <Archaeogeek> I will talk to saber or get one made up and approved by the marketing committee
[15:54] <Archaeogeek> Mike has kindly agreed to stump up for a banner- so I need to find the links to the OSGeo artwork
[15:55] <Archaeogeek> Suchith is going to send some leaflets to me and bring rest to AGI so we can make sure some are available for various other meetings happening later in the year
[15:55] <Archaeogeek> Suchith is going to forward details of Wherecamp to anyone who's interested- we agree that a strong presence would be good
[15:56] <Archaeogeek> Mike has some fundraising contacts to chase up- I will get an account sorted and ressurrect my discussions with the Ordnance Survey- the main aim for this is money for advertising materials at this stage
[15:57] <mikesaunt> I may say that I'll put £500 into the account less the popup cost so that we have a starter for ten to discuss with other potential sponsors
[15:57] <Archaeogeek> Awesome :-)
[15:57] <Suchith> Excellent
[15:57] <ant-cranfield> :-)
[15:57] <AP_> great stuff
[15:57] <Archaeogeek> Ant- you're going to FOSS4G, aren't you?
[15:58] <Archaeogeek> I'm trying to track down OSGeo UK'ers that are going to be there
[15:58] <ant-cranfield> yup i'll be there
[15:58] <Archaeogeek> I foresee a nice informal get-together in the spanish sunshine :-)
[15:58] <ant-cranfield> tapas on me
[15:59] <Archaeogeek> sounds good! I'll put a call out on the list for other attendees
[15:59] <Archaeogeek> there will be an AGM for the OSGeo foundation there at which I'll do a short talk about our activities for this year- it will be nice to have lots of good things to say for a change :-)
[16:00] <Archaeogeek> Have I missed anything in my summing up? (I have to go soon)
[16:00] <ant-cranfield> date of next meeting?
[16:00] <mikesaunt> no all sounds good - well done.  When is the next IRC?
[16:01] <Archaeogeek> Next meeting- do we want one between FOSS4G and AGI?
[16:01] <Archaeogeek> If so- then the only week I can really do is the week starting the 20th
[16:01] <ant-cranfield> if we can get it on a regular monthly schedule wld be nice
[16:01] <Suchith> one before AGI would be good
[16:01] <mikesaunt> could be good to confirm things prior to AGI
[16:01] <AP_> i won't be around, so no opinion!
[16:01] <Archaeogeek> OK, Monday 20th or Tuesday 21st?
[16:02] <mikesaunt> Tuesday at 3pm?
[16:02] <Suchith> yes
[16:02] <Archaeogeek> no worries abi- thanks for coming along anyhow- and we'll get you some leaflets to hand out at your event
[16:02] <ant-cranfield> ok
[16:02] <Archaeogeek> Tuesday 21st at 3 sounds good to me
[16:02] <Archaeogeek> Everyone happy with me posting this log on the list and the website?
[16:02] <Suchith> Shall we finalize that time then
[16:03] <ant-cranfield> yes and yes
[16:03] <Suchith> +1
[16:03] <AP_> yes
[16:03] <Archaeogeek> Excellent, I'll do that then, and thanks everyone for dropping in!
[16:03] <mikesaunt> +1
[16:04] <ant-cranfield> cheers all
[16:04] <AP_> thanks all, got to go, bye!
[16:04] <Suchith> thanks all, bye for now
[16:04] *** AP_ quit ( )

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