[OSGeo-UK] Freedom of Information - Defra GIS contracts

Saber Razmjooei saber.razmjooei at lutraconsulting.co.uk
Wed Jul 21 16:28:57 EDT 2010

Dear all

I have made a request last month to see all the tenders and procurement
documents for GIS contracts Environment Agency (a major costumer of GIS
software/solutions) has had recently. Finally, after long exciting
waiting time I received a document (a Microsoft Word Document !!!!! not
even a pdf) and here is the summary:

- A contract from 2003 - 2007 :via an OJEU (Official Journal of the
European Union) Procurement exercise, a 5 year contract with ESRI

- from 2007, it is under GISS framework

I have yet to receive the detail of the tenders e.g. the statement of
requirements and invitation letters (the companies invited during bid

By just looking at the least of companies under the framework, some of
the solutions (i.e. licenses) look a bit pricey!


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