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Dirk-WIllem van Gulik Dirk-Willem.van.Gulik at bbc.co.uk
Wed Jul 21 17:51:21 EDT 2010

On 21 Jul 2010, at 21:28, Saber Razmjooei wrote:
> I have made a request last month to see all the tenders and procurement
> documents for GIS contracts Environment Agency (a major costumer of GIS
> software/solutions) has had recently. Finally, after long exciting
> waiting time I received a document (a Microsoft Word Document !!!!! not
> even a pdf) and here is the summary:
> - A contract from 2003 - 2007 :via an OJEU (Official Journal of the
> European Union) Procurement exercise, a 5 year contract with ESRI
> - from 2007, it is under GISS framework
> (http://www.buyingsolutions.gov.uk/categories/ICT/Software/GISS/)
> I have yet to receive the detail of the tenders e.g. the statement of
> requirements and invitation letters (the companies invited during bid
> process).
Be sure to configure a standing query/crontab in TED [1,2] for those. 

You'd be surprized how often ITTs like this go out EU scale - and how easy it is to think outside the box (keep in mind that a proper open standard opengis proposal has an automatic leg up over anything proprietary) as the authors often want to encourage that. And it is pretty common for such to cause a situation where the original ITT is rescinded and replaced by something split in two - as to give room for some modest innovation.
> By just looking at the least of companies under the framework, some of
> the solutions (i.e. licenses) look a bit pricey!
Aye - from past experience - it is not uncommon for very few bids to be made - and hence vendors who know this will go in with high prices.


1 http://publications.europa.eu/official/index_en.htm
2 http://ted.europa.eu/TED/misc/chooseLanguage.do
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