[OSGeo-UK] Interoperability Day 2012 - Open Government and Open Standards - Presentation / Workshop

Mike Saunt mikesaunt at astuntechnology.com
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I'm giving a little presentation / workshop (not sure which yet) on Friday
in Exeter at the AGI/OGC Interoperability Day 2012 - Open Government and
Open Standards and will be showing the virtues of Open Source (QGIS, maybe
a bit of MapServer) along with some Open Street Map (WMS / WFS) too to site
within the Open Government / Open Standards theme.

I'll have a slide or two up about OSGeo:UK.

Link to the event:
http://agi.mhsoftware.com/ViewItem.html?integral=0&cal_item_id=1179 - why
not come along if you can - it is free with no cost to non-AGI members

Will *possibly* be looking at:

   - Downloading some crime data from Police.uk or similar
   - Showing WMS OS OpenData (via Astun servers using MapServer under the
   - Showing WMS / WFS Open Street Map (from OSMGB servers with GeoServer
   under the hood)
   - NHS Facilities via WFS (via Astun servers using MapServer under the
   - Maybe loading some Ordnance Survey GML ((via Open Source Loader -
   - Doing a bit of analysis (heat mapping on the crimes with NHS
   Facilities and other data shown)
   - Maybe publishing some on the Internet (MapServer again)

I'm fortunate to have some notes from a previous demo given by Matt Walker
/ Jo Cook following similar lines.  If there is anything anyone thinks
would help for some promotion of projects then let me know and I'll try to
squeeze in.



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