[Web Comm] Need a couple more profiles

Jody Garnett jgarnett at refractions.net
Sun Apr 2 14:31:44 EDT 2006

Thanks for the feedback. I got on a bit of a tear and wrote the previous 
ones up, and then started evaluating the proposed website content 
against the user needed.

I am starting to wonder if I should take this up with the viability 
committee? Anyone care to clarify the focus difference between the two 
>> I will need an example user for each of these above segments, and I 
>> will keep the convincers in mind when establishing a realistic work 
>> flow for them.
>> I do need a bit more information about the needs here in order to 
>> continue, if someone has time to talk about this on IRC (or via these 
>> emails) please step in.
>> But that never quite cuts it - lets start with a working assumption 
>> and you guys can correct me:
>> Education: we already have Sarah (undergrad)
>> - Sebastien (graduate student): is starting research into his thesis 
>> and wants a platform to base the work on
>> Government: will base this off of the needs mentioned in the Miles 
>> seminar or Eogeo
>> - Dave: setting up a gis system for a state in Australia
>> - Mary: doing volunteer work in Africa, has some documents left 
>> behind from Chris Holmes's tour
>  - Mr. S. Inister: works at a state ministry and has an important(!) 
> and strategic(!) failover proof(!) fallback system(!) solution running 
> in a proprietary environment. He is trying to get a hold of whether he 
> can trust this Open Source stuff to run reliably with all those 
> exclamation marks. (and help him spare quadrupling license costs 
> simply for serving the data via web). Oh, he is interested in SLA too.
>> Service Provider: huh?
>> - Martha: ??? what is needed here - I have no working assumption.
> Martha is an MCSE and has been told that she must do second level 
> support for the OSGeo stack that her colleagues have installed (and 
> th4en went for holidays). She has to learn that she can get first 
> level support for free through the user mailing lists and null level 
> support directly from the developers (or lower level service 
> providers) for cash. This is another place to start discussing SLA.
>> Solution Developer: have both George and Lui
>> I am also really short "Developers", I suspect we want them to be 
>> happy as well? I understand a user focus but ....
>> - Chris: established developer on geotools, wants to know where 
>> everything went
>> - Adrian: really wants to get working but cannot make sense of the 
>> documentation spread across 5 standards, three projects and 
>> apparently communicated via Zen.
> lol.
> Well, Arnulf (resemblance to existing users is not intentional) might 
> want to join the OSGeo Zen meditation group if it helps communication. 
> Where should he go?
> I think that the developers are those we have to worry the least 
> about. Adrian will (and should) molest us if he doesn't find out where 
> to go. In the end this is a dev-list, aint it?
>> Any resemblance to existing users is intentional, although I probably 
>> should change the names...
>> Jody
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