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Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at
Fri Apr 14 12:14:14 EDT 2006

some ideas for the OSGeo web site. No hurry.

On the page:

The section Bodies says:

     * Board of Directors and Officers
     * Voting Members
     * Committees link to


What is the "Legal" section supposed to convey?


     * Intellectual Property Policy
     * Information for Project Contributors
     * Individual Contributor Agreement
     * Corporate Contributor Agreement

I found some references on geo-discuss at regarding IP.

Wikipedia is less explicit on the negative side effects of this term but 
recognizes that:

In law, intellectual property (IP) is a broad entitlement extending the 
concept of property beyond its materialist definitions to include 
information, ideas

We do not need "broad entitlement" when talking about legal stuff. 
Therefore I suggest to remove it from "About the Foundation" until we 
know why we need it there. Funny. Simply listing it under the title 
"Legal" somehow legalizes the use of the term "Intellectual Property". 
What do you think?


Media and News

     * Press Releases -> should be linked to the Press Releases.

(((and VisCom should produce some more news instead of picking noses :-)))

Minor issue on: says that the O’Reilly Open Source Convention took place 1806 
years ago.

On the "Welcome" of the community section a link to the Wiki should be 

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