Chinese and Japanese localisations of the MapGuide project site

Auke Jilderda auke at
Thu Aug 3 04:17:30 EDT 2006


understood.  So you intend to translate parts of both the site wide web
pages and the MapGuide project web pages.

As we already discussed, the MapGuide project web pages reside in the
'www' sub folder in the project repository [1] and you have appropriate
access rights to translate those.  In addition, we discussed how the
localisation works so you're all set for that part.

Similarly, the site wide content resides in the www project [2] and the
localisation works of course exactly the same.  On, the site
content content is maintained by the web committee [3] and you will have
to ask the web committee for write access to the site wide content.


 2.  (Visible only if you have
    the appropriate access rights.)

On 03 August 2006 09:25, zhangc at wrote:
> Auke£º
> Thanks for your reply and help. We decide to transelate both [1]
> and  [2] ,and have no
> plan to translate others for the moment .
> The problem is that we get all the sourcecode and the www filefold
> content of [2] by TortoiseSVN,by linking to
>,which is [2]'s URL of
> repository.But we cannot find the URL of repository of
> [1]--
> Could you tell us how to get it ? 
> By the way£¬could you also give me a read-write privilege so that I can
> submit my translation?
> My username is zhangc  
> Best wishes!Thank you!
>                            zhang chun

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