[Web Comm] RE: Site support

Auke Jilderda auke at collab.net
Thu Aug 3 04:41:16 EDT 2006

On 06 July 2006 18:30, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Folks,
> I think the "Support" link would essentially replace the Feedback
> link, right?  I think the Domain FAQ (aka Site FAQ) is pretty weak.
> We might consider incorporating some of this information off the
> Support page, or even putting a limited amount of it into the OSGeo
> FAQ.

Sounds like a plan.  I assume somebody in the Web Committee will make
that change?  (The footer resides in [1].)

> I believe the board has been made aware of the privacy statement
> though I'm not sure we reviewed it carefully.  I have looked it over
> now and it seems quite reasonable.  We all obviously need to keep the
> committment about not sharing mailing addresses and names.  If you
> think the board needs to approve it, I can ensure it is addressed by
> the board.
> Agreed.  btw, is the info at osgeo.org archive viewable somewhere?  Who
> does this go to?

This goes to [2].


 2. https://www.osgeo.org/servlets/SummarizeList?listName=info

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