[Web Comm] FW: Chinese and Japanese localisations of the MapGuide project site

Auke Jilderda auke at collab.net
Thu Aug 3 04:32:35 EDT 2006

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On 03 August 2006 10:24, Auke Jilderda wrote:
> FYI, so the web committee has the context information about this
> localisation thread: I forward my summary of a conference call with a
> number of people who are to provide translated content for the
> MapGuide project.  In the call, I outlined and demonstrated how the
> localisation mechanism works.
> If the web committee is ok with parts of the site wide content also
> being translated, these people will probably need to have write access
> to the www project repository (or work through somebody in the web
> committee to submit their translated files).
> Auke
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