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Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Aug 15 14:05:05 EDT 2006

Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> Tina Mena from Autodesk was talking to Arnulf and I re: their FOSS4G 
> sponsorship.  She had been asked by a FOSS4G organiser if they 
> (Autodesk) could put up a banner/advert for the conference on their 
> website.  It's not possible from Autodesk's end, but the question came 
> up to whether or not osgeo.org could have an advert for it on the front 
> page.  I think it is a good idea and makes sense to be promoting it as 
> much as possible.  Perhaps we could bump down the developer spotlight 
> and throw the FOSS4G banner up?
> What do you think?  Who can do it?  I've attached the banner - the href 
> src would point to http://foss4g2006.org.


I think it is completely sensible to be promoting FOSS4G as much as we can.
Should this banner go in the center pane?  It seems like it might be a bit
wide in the center area.  I tried it briefly, and the result looks like this
to me:


Note that site announcements and so forth are getting push aside despite
a fairly wide window?

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