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Here it is

Some of the site's lists are located in the WWW project, some in the
"mail" project.  You see a strange mixture in the "mail" project because
the tool generates lists out of the box for each project, and you can
choose to use them or not.  Regardless of where lists are, site content
should drive users to join and peruse the archives.  Auke, can you take
this on, and the broader issue of cleaning up how lists are portrayed to
the site users?  


(also changed Bender to bender...)

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From: Arnulf Christl [mailto:arnulf.christl at ccgis.de] 
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I have been searching for the subscription page and archive of 
international-discuss. I do not find it. I really looked for it. Anybody

intl' passing by will never ever find it.

Any hints on where I might find the intl' archive?

I did find this list which is a sort of strange mixture of projects, 
committees and list-only lists:

We need to rearrange this list and make mailing lists better accessible 
(I know, i am the twentyseventh to propose this).

Please correct "MapBender" into "Mapbender" with a small "b" on 

The page in the Wiki is a good start.

Later make it available at the Drupal Prototype?

https://local-osgeo-chapters.osgeo.org/ and Wiki Local Chapters is out 
of synch too: http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Local_Chapters


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