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Dave Patton dpatton at confluence.org
Fri Aug 25 16:14:33 EDT 2006

Jason Birch wrote:
> Hi all,
> With Laura's help we now have a PayPal account, and I have set up an
> initial "Donate" link, though I haven't been brave enough to test it
> yet... I can just hear my wife yelling at me when it blows up our credit
> card.
> Can you please give me some guidance on what you think I should do with
> this?
> A) Single open button with no amount attached?
>   - With some wording about suggested levels?
>   - Without any supporting text?
> B) Some basic fixed amounts + open? These can be named differently, so
> they're easier to track for shirt shipments, etc.
>   - Open Donation (User chooses)
>   - Supporting Member ($50)
>   - Supporting Member + High Quality T-Shirt ($100)
>   - Supporting Member Over $100 (User chooses)

I use PayPal as the means for people to pay the
registration fee for my DRGMapCal program, where
I have a "Register DRGMapCal" button that includes
Visa and Mastercard icons:
but for maps, I use a "Buy Now" button:

There have been a few times where fixed amount
associated with those buttons isn't what is needed,
such as if someone wants something in a hurry,
and is willing to pay extra for rush shipping,
so I also have a Donations page:
which can also be used to send me a specific
amount for a specific purpose(e.g. rush shipping).

So my vote would be for something along the lines
of (B), however it may be logistically simpler
to only have "donations", without having an
associated 'reward' for donating(e.g. t-shirt),
otherwise someone has to keep track of both the
donations and which ones require 'swag shipments',
and that might also add to the accounting complexity.

Dave Patton

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