sitemap generation

Jo Walsh jo at
Sun Aug 27 13:58:54 EDT 2006

dear all, - this is what resulted from running 
over a cvs checkout of 

All the online, crawler based sitemap generators i tried threw up over
the http->https redirection, and wouldn't index https. Perhaps having
gone through this process will make OSGeo more search index friendly. 

This was more of a thought experiment connected to mloskot's ideas
about automating content migration. So there's a lot of cruft (images
etc) in that map file - it's a testrun. But there isn't *that much*
content on the www. site now. The issue is more going to be digging out 
a lot of committee-description stuff from the wiki and the subsites,
and i really want the committee chairs to do more of this ;) 

mloskot also dug out which could
automate the production on the drupal side, if we go with drupal.

more later...


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