Jumping the gun?

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Fri Feb 24 17:10:58 EST 2006

Uh, have I been speaking out of turn here?  I don't mean to barge in
where I'm not (yet?) welcome...

>From yesterday's #osgeo logs:

10:16:58 TylerM: hobu: did you discuss adding other members already.
Daniel said I was voted in - and I see Jason birtch and sean
sternfeldts' names on that page - were they voted in as well? 
10:17:12 TylerM: I'm just asking because I'll clean up the 'motion' page
if those points are irrelevant now 
10:17:14 hobu: I don't remember any voting 
10:19:00 TylerM: hobu: were people discussed at all? 
10:20:02 hobu: The discussion was that so and so expressed interest in
being on the website committee and that we would discuss how to move
forward on the webcomittee maillist 

...at least Tyler left the "r" in my last name :)


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