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Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at ccgis.de
Thu Jun 22 14:00:33 EDT 2006

Jason Birch wrote:
> Hi Arnulf,
> It sounds to me like you're proposing that:
> - VisCom takes over determining the content and audience of the website
> - SAC takes over publishin this content

More or less, yes - the way you say it rings good.

> If that's the case, then I would prefer to re-join VisCom, because just
> publishing other people's stuff without input into what should be
> produced and how it should be structured on the site is not much fun
> (for me).

Thats perfect - you are very much invited, this is exactly the input 
that VisCom now needs.

> In its present state, WebCom is moribund.  This is partially because of
> communication problems, partially because of frustration with the
> limitations of Collabnet and, from my perspective, because I was unable
> to participate for several weeks because of other events in my life.
> I am interested in continuing WebCom, but only if it has responsibility
> for determining the approach taken for making the OSGeo site a
> functional compass, not just determining the graphic layout and acting
> as a publisher.
> Jason

If WebCom was moribund, then it just died. Amen (Jo - thanks for the 
short ceremony in the other mail).

We still need to do some things (at least my two tasks :-). I will take 
over the job of stitching things together as long as we don't know what 
to do about it in the long run.


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> Hi,
> i want to propose reconsidering (as discussed at the f2f meeting) to
> join WebCom and SAC to form InfraCom (Infrastructure Committee). Less
> people can do more work. Or was it vice versa...
> I checked on some of the activities related to WebCom by re-reading the
> corresponding Wiki pages. Spawned from VisCom Targets (last edit April
> 2nd) a lengthy list was put together addressing site foucs at
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/WebCom_OSGeo_Site_Focus. This is
> valuable work that has not been continued there (last edit April 3rd)
> possibly due to VisCom taking over some of the related work. It should
> be moved to VisCom completely.
> There are two different lists of Web Site Committee Members. I guess the
> Owner and Co-Owners list on the static page should be updated:
> https://webcommittee.osgeo.org/
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/WebComTODO has not seen an edit as of
> March 20th, so the todo list is either stable or deprecated. Anyway, as
> one of the first committees to get active it is time to clean out the
> WebCom Wiki pages anyway.
> {{The idea is that Wikis run through cycles of disorder and pruning. 
> After stuffing all sorts of content into a Wiki more or less aimlessly
> at one point it has to be consolidated by deleting, redirecting and
> merging pages. This point has come for WebCom (...and probably the rest
> of the Wiki should follow soon).}}
> This organizational effort also needs to be exerted on the general
> structure of the OSGeo web site and that of the sub domains. Some time
> ago we have gone through the main entry points of osgeo.org to make sure
> that there are not too many dead mailing lists, a short description of
> each project, etc. I would again suggest to make this a regular policy
> and to assign it to a single person (or two). Do I hear volunteers? It
> can be done in turns but on a regular basis.
> The current state of SAC is not transparent, the Wiki pages and the
> mailing lists are dead. The latest Wiki edits by Frank suggest some
> points that make a lot of sense:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php?title=Infrastructure_Working_Group#Syste
> m_Administration
> Requests for status reports went unanswered. What is the formal process
> to be invoked by the board once these kind of things happen (or rather
> do not happen)? Yes I know, I am a pain. Should I go to the IRC and talk
> to people instead of complaining here?
> Knowing that there are highly competent people at work they must have
> produced really cool results by now. Someone will just have to clobber
> this information out of them. Otherwise (they are not done yet) they
> will need support by other techies. The last date that I have in mind is
> mid of May. I can just repeat the offer that we can jump in any time on
> anything.
> I would be prepared to spend time invigorating this new committee and
> help getting the SAC infrastructure to run. I believe that very capable
> people are involved already and presume that the lack of visibility of
> progress results from simple overwork and missing time. That said, I am
> not overworked and don't miss any time at all. :-)
> Best regards,
> Arnulf.
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