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Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Thu Jun 22 14:31:44 EDT 2006

(Sorry for top-posting btw; Outlook is nasty, but I can't use anything
else at work)

Despite Jo's hope for a new lease on life for WebCom, I think that
perhaps its stated responsibilities are too narrow to attract ongoing
commitment and effort.  I had started to take on some of the items that
interested me (site structure, navigation, etc) but really these were
outside of the official scope of WebCom.

At this point, I would be happy to support:
  - killing off WebCom
  - giving VisCom responsibility for site design and structure
  - giving SAC responsibility for platform selection and maintenance
  - joining VisCom (want a slightly used Web Coordinator?)
  - limping along with the current infrastructure until something else
is put in place.

In support of this, I would also suggest:
  - Placing a section in the VisCom todo for webcom tasks (and
abandoning PT)
  - Removing the WebCom project from osgeo.org

Speaking of platforms, what are we doing to ensure that we can
transition?  There is quite a bit of information that is only available
behind our current proprietary infrastructure, such as user lists,
user-to-project mappings, and mailing list archives.


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Jason Birch wrote:
> Hi Arnulf,
> It sounds to me like you're proposing that:
> - VisCom takes over determining the content and audience of the 
> website
> - SAC takes over publishin this content

More or less, yes - the way you say it rings good.

> If that's the case, then I would prefer to re-join VisCom, because 
> just publishing other people's stuff without input into what should be

> produced and how it should be structured on the site is not much fun 
> (for me).

Thats perfect - you are very much invited, this is exactly the input
that VisCom now needs.

> In its present state, WebCom is moribund.  This is partially because 
> of communication problems, partially because of frustration with the 
> limitations of Collabnet and, from my perspective, because I was 
> unable to participate for several weeks because of other events in my
> I am interested in continuing WebCom, but only if it has 
> responsibility for determining the approach taken for making the OSGeo

> site a functional compass, not just determining the graphic layout and

> acting as a publisher.
> Jason

If WebCom was moribund, then it just died. Amen (Jo - thanks for the
short ceremony in the other mail).

We still need to do some things (at least my two tasks :-). I will take
over the job of stitching things together as long as we don't know what
to do about it in the long run.


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