[OSGeo-Board] RE: [Web Comm] Web Committee Chair

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Jun 22 14:42:42 EDT 2006

Jason Birch wrote:
> Despite Jo's hope for a new lease on life for WebCom, I think that
> perhaps its stated responsibilities are too narrow to attract ongoing
> commitment and effort.  I had started to take on some of the items that
> interested me (site structure, navigation, etc) but really these were
> outside of the official scope of WebCom.


I'm not sure why site structure and navigation would not be the
purvue of webcom, though some aspects of that might be constrained
by the current platform.

> At this point, I would be happy to support:
>   - killing off WebCom
>   - giving VisCom responsibility for site design and structure
>   - giving SAC responsibility for platform selection and maintenance
>   - joining VisCom (want a slightly used Web Coordinator?)
>   - limping along with the current infrastructure until something else
> is put in place.

Well, it seems like VisCom would immediately need to establish
a web site working group, so someone clearly answers for the web

> Speaking of platforms, what are we doing to ensure that we can
> transition?  There is quite a bit of information that is only available
> behind our current proprietary infrastructure, such as user lists,
> user-to-project mappings, and mailing list archives.

How to transition is certainly an open question.  I suspect some
things will be lost, such as the user-to-project mappings currently
maintained by the CN platform.  Mailing lists can be migrated since
the list of subscribers is open to the owner, but I'm not sure how
easy it will be to migrate the archives.

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