[Web Comm] GNU FDL -> CC & Mail to Wiki contributors

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Thu Jun 22 15:15:45 EDT 2006

dear Arnulf/Auke - how is this for a mailout text -

Months ago, the OSGeo community wiki was started under a GFDL license 
(the mediawiki default, rather than the results of a conscious decision).

Some time ago Arnulf noted that the GFDL is technically incompatible 
with the Creative-Commons-Attribution-Sharealike license on OSGeo.org, 
and this would make it difficult to move content from one to the other 
without first gaining permission from all of the contributors. 
Without Arnulf's encouragement and resources, OSGeo would not have
such a useful collaboration environment, and there's a lot of material 
in it that ought to be easier to re-use.

The OSGeo Board would like, as of now, to apply a CC-BY-SA license to all 
the content on http://wiki.osgeo.org/ . As a contributor, if you have a
strong opinion about this and would NOT like your contributions to
fall under a CC-BY-SA license, please let [appropriate email address]
know so that your contributions can be removed from the wiki.

Thanks for sharing,

[appropriate contact person]


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