[Web Comm] GNU FDL -> CC & Mail to Wiki contributors

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at ccgis.de
Fri Jun 23 08:02:16 EDT 2006

Jo Walsh wrote:
> dear Arnulf/Auke - how is this for a mailout text -
> "
> Months ago, the OSGeo community wiki was started under a GFDL license 
> (the mediawiki default, rather than the results of a conscious decision).
> Some time ago Arnulf noted that the GFDL is technically incompatible 
> with the Creative-Commons-Attribution-Sharealike license on OSGeo.org, 
> and this would make it difficult to move content from one to the other 
> without first gaining permission from all of the contributors. 
> Without Arnulf's encouragement and resources, OSGeo would not have
> such a useful collaboration environment, and there's a lot of material 
> in it that ought to be easier to re-use.

Errrmm - lets just omit 'Arnulf' here, could we?

> The OSGeo Board would like, as of now, to apply a CC-BY-SA license to all 
> the content on http://wiki.osgeo.org/ . As a contributor, if you have a
> strong opinion about this and would NOT like your contributions to
> fall under a CC-BY-SA license, please let [appropriate email address]
> know so that your contributions can be removed from the wiki.

I will reformat this tonight, send it with the list to Auke so that it 
can go out Monday morning.


> Thanks for sharing,
> [appropriate contact person]
> "
> hugs,
> jo
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