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Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Tue Jun 27 13:22:00 EDT 2006

I think that it makes sense to have a centralized location for CollabNet
support, and visibility for the requests that we have submitted.
Somebody was maintaining these on the wiki in the Collabnet Issues
section on this page:
But that's not really a good place for it.

Does anyone on the board have any thoughts about how this should be

There's already a "feedback" project, so if the "support" project is
created then this should be removed.

Auke, given that Daniel is no longer our community manager, could you
please make sure that his account roles are reverted to at most "Content
Viewer" for all existing projects?


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Jason et. al.,

I would like to organise the site support and feedback activity into a
"support" project, grouping the relevant information together, making it
accessible and easy to find to anybody, and leveraging the support
efforts (not having to answer questions time and again).

It would be a regular project that is publicly accessible.  The project
home page shall lead users through the following steps:
 1. Read the FAQs (which we shall consolidate from the help list
 2. A help at support.osgeo.org mailing list for questions and enhancement
    requests.  We shall suggest users to search the list archives before
    asking their question.
 3. Artifact types for defects and enhancement requests that have been
    raised, clarified, and agreed upon on the mailing list.  I will
    populate it with the currently open requests (and include our CRM id
    in there for easy reference).
In addition, I would like to add a tab "support" to the main menu (next
to the "home" tab) to advertise this site support mechanism.

Do you think this is a good idea?  Do you have any feedback on the
approach?  Is this the right place to make this proposal and get
agreement on it?


PS: Note that this is about site support and feedback.  Projects will
    (need to) support their software.  We can mention this on the site
    support project home page if needs be.

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