Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at ccgis.de
Tue Jun 27 13:34:06 EDT 2006

Jason Birch wrote:
> Hi Arnulf,
> I've granted your OSGeo account "Project Developer" role in the www
> project.

I just read Auke's answer to my post from a few days back regarding 
shifting mailing list and domains around.

> With this role you should be able to use CVS to access the web site.

This probably means that now I have no more excuse for not doing things 
by myself. :-) Do you have suggestions on how to tackle the Local 
Chapter issue? If you have not looked into it you may want to read the 
Wiki pages here:
The content needs to be worked over and VisCom is busy doing other 
things. But we need (at least should) get this adopted by the board the 
sooner the better and then we will have to put the information somewhere.

There is more to think about on the corresponding discussion page and 
some ideas at how the guidelines to a local chapter might look like. 
Later on we would probably want to have each local chapter digitize 
their location as points of the members or regional outreach and show it 
in a map. That would be fun because we can make good use of the OSGeo 
SDI stack that currently is growing at telascience (all still only 
guesswork). Yes, and I said later...

> Our SOP is to bounce any major changes off the list, waiting 24 hours
> for comment, and then go ahead if no objections.  Minor changes can be
> done at your own discretion.

Can you please explain what a SOP is? Me German, nix versteh?

> We'll get you officially added to the committee (if you want) at a
> meeting I hope to set up for mid next week.
> Jason

I am at the AGIT Expo 2006 next week but I think that I can make it.

I added the meeting to the WebCom Wiki page at the same time as 
specified in the Wiki calendar. Can you please check whether time and 
date are fine like this:

If you look at the agenda of the last meeting some things might still be 

And it says that Jody Garnett wanted to do something. Hello Jody, still in?


If I am pressing on too much or you have any other issues please let me 

Best regards,

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