Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at
Fri Jun 30 01:45:43 EDT 2006

On 29-Jun-06, at 9:32 PM, Jason Birch wrote:

> This is what I had in mind for the project info pages:
> <https:// 

Looks good...

> I'd really like to see something done about the domains and look/ 
> feel.  Can we either:
>  - Not require that projects have a presence under the  
> domain structure or
>  - Figure out how to delegate these subdomains to the individual  
> projects so they can continue with their current infrastructure?
> A lot of these projects have strong and distinctive web presences  
> in place; I feel that requiring them to toe the line is  
> unreasonable.  OSGeo is here to promote these projects, not  
> subjugate them. ;)

I think there are a couple levels this needs to be looked at:
- I think every project should have a summary page on the OSGeo site,  
at least one intro page.  Then a lauching off point, from a common  
style of button/link, to wherever their main site happens to be.   
This means that, at least, at a high level there is a common look and  
feel for those getting a basic introduction to the projects.  We  
could even have a "click here to view our next project" button for  
those who just want to browse all our projects.
-By maintaining at least a minimal presence on common OSGeo  
infrastructure, projects that are hosted on less reliable systems can  
weather the storm of disruptions a little bit by having at least an  
intro page.
- I think we need a common CSS that all projects can use and perhaps  
slightly modify.  I'm thinking now at the level of fonts, colours and  
an OSGeo logo placement.  This could make it easier for projects  
hosted on 'external' infrastructure to at least have some common look  
to them.  With minimal effort or customisation.

Just some quick thoughts,

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