[Web Comm] Welcome message running

Tyler Mitchell tjm at timberline.ca
Thu Mar 2 12:30:15 EST 2006

This looks good to me, Daniel.

Did you pick a time to meet regularly?  You asked earlier, but I am
finally just getting caught up now.  This will help me get my head into
the space for this committee.  I suggest Friday mornings or Monday
afternoons - to help set the pace for the upcoming week of work.


Daniel Brookshier wrote:
> Welcome message is running. Had to get it up to open up the site.  Using
> a variation of our last variation. I mistakenly thought this  was a web
> page, but it is actually the first email you receive from  the site. The
> system also adds a few things like personalization and  some info about
> the site.
> We can still change it if you see a problem, but it is pretty compact 
> and does the job nicely. Here is a link to the wiki where I have a  copy
> of the message (note that bullets are dashes in the actual text- only
> email).
> http://www.fossgis.de/osgeo/index.php/Welcome_Message#Currently_Running
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