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Jason Birch Jason.Birch at
Sat Mar 4 12:48:34 EST 2006

Hi all,
I'd like to make some changes to the site structure (images attached).  
These are major and will break external links, but I believe that they should be done now, before the site is completely live, rather than having to live with the current structure in the long run.
If nobody has strong objections, I will make the following changes tonight, and will make a real effort to fix all of the internal links that are going to break because of these changes.  If you are editing files, please check them in before 8pm PST (GMT-8) tonight.
Daniel will need to fix links that are in the site's framework, such as "About the Foundation" and "Terms of Service".  I'll leave these two files in place until the links are changed.
- Remove everything except foundation_faq.html from faq directory.  The rest of these are VERY "mapserverfoundation".
- Move "foundation" up one level, replacing governance.  
  - Replace the governance.html file with an about.html file, following Rich's suggestions on the TODO page
  - Rename incorporation_docs to incorporation
  - Move files from member_docs into members
  - Move site_legal_docs under the content directory, and rename to legal
  - Move meeting_notes under foundation, and rename to meetings
- news - no changes.  As a comment, it would be nice if Collabnet had something like a blog system to manage news, including posting on the main page, archiving, categories, etc.
- Remove "people" directory.  No real content
- Remove "projects" directory.  This content should be handled within the projects themselves.  Some of this appears to be new, so if this content is pointed to in the MapGuide Open Source 1.0 release docs we can leave this temporarily, until it is moved to

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