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Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Tue Mar 7 16:20:18 EST 2006

Sounds good Frank.

I didn't want to come to the board with a final plan without having some
idea of what the board's reaction to the content would be.

I agree with all your points, but was not sure of how we could prevent
vote-stacking.  I guess I need to work towards starting from a position
of trust.  It's hard to get used to.

So, this should be a formal process where we should finalize the plan,
taking your comments into account, and then "adopt" that plan in our
committee meeting, and send it to the board for approval?

I'm guessing that Cafepress should not be a problem, but we may need to
have a director of the foundation sign up for the account, provide
payment details, etc.

I'm thinking that my timeline was a little optimistic, and that maybe we
should allow for at least a month for submissions?


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Jason Birch wrote:
> Hi Board,
> Could you please give the following your attention?
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Logo_Contest 
> <http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Logo_Contest>
> If we could get an approval, further modifications, etc, I'd like to
post by Wed PM so that we get at least a couple weeks for submissions.

Jason / WebCom,

My personal opinions:

  o you should indicate some specific raster sizes to be provided.

  o voting should be all members of the foundation (voting and
    possibly based on having an osgeo.org account.  Can we do a poll on
    osgeo.org machinery?  In particular, I don't want to exclude folks
    aren't voting members since this contest is not a "core
    integrity" thing like selecting new members or the board.

  o I think submissions should be vetted by WebCom and the board to
    narrow down a short list before voting takes place.  Logos that are
    considered unattractive or inappropriate by WebCom or the board
    be eliminated before voting starts, not after they have been

  o I think you can propose something like $50 of swag for the winner
    the understanding that it might not be available to present till
    later when we have "swag production" in operation.  In the meantime
    would encourage you to investigate cafepress.  I'm sure Fred can
    you to whoever handled that for maptools.org.

I would like to see the logo contest proposal forwarded to the board for
final approval before it is distributed.  That should be after WebCom
has approved a plan.

Best regards,
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