[Web Comm] Re: Logo Contest

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Mar 7 17:17:49 EST 2006

Jason Birch wrote:
> Sounds good Frank.
> I didn't want to come to the board with a final plan without having some
> idea of what the board's reaction to the content would be.


Soliciting some feedback was an excellent idea, IMHO.

> I agree with all your points, but was not sure of how we could prevent
> vote-stacking.  I guess I need to work towards starting from a position
> of trust.  It's hard to get used to.

Assume we preremove stuff we wouldn't be willing to be stuck with,
it isn't like there is any reason for people to try and falsify things.

> So, this should be a formal process where we should finalize the plan,
> taking your comments into account, and then "adopt" that plan in our
> committee meeting, and send it to the board for approval?

The Logo contest is a significant enough initiative that I think this
level of formality is appropriate.

> I'm guessing that Cafepress should not be a problem, but we may need to
> have a director of the foundation sign up for the account, provide
> payment details, etc.

Yes, anything financial will for now require board approval and likely
an officer to execute.   But if you guys want to look into the issues of
setting it up that would be appreciated.

> I'm thinking that my timeline was a little optimistic, and that maybe we
> should allow for at least a month for submissions?

I don't have a strong opinion on this.  It should be at least a couple of
weeks for people to have time to work on it.

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