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Dave Patton dpatton at
Mon May 22 17:33:00 EDT 2006

I wasn't sure about this, so I'm sending this
email for discussion, rather than creating a
Project Tracker artifact(which can always be
done later, if it's appropriate).

Both for 'ease of use' as far as people setting
up filters in their email programs, and for
general "branding", should all OSGeo mailing
lists, regardless of the "project", use
"osgeo" in their Subject line? Maybe use

For example, the "general discussion list"
uses "[OSGeo-discuss]", but this list doesn't
have "osgeo" as part of it's Subject line
list identifier.

Should there be an overall "policy" about
how OSGeo mailing lists are 'named', including
item #1 above?

For example, this list uses "[Web Comm]" in the
subject line, and appears to be the 'general discussion'
mailing list for the Website Committee, but the
'general discussion' list for OSGeo uses
"[OSGeo-discuss]", and an email address prefix of
"discuss@" whereas this list uses "dev@".
Also, while this list uses "[Web Comm]", the Issues
list is using "[webcommittee]".

Would it make sense to have something like this?:
- all lists have [OSGeo] in the Subject
- all "OSGeo lists" have their "list identifier"
   in the subject line. For example:
   [OSGeo][Discuss] or [OSGeo][Announce]
- all "Project lists" have their "project identifier"
   in the subject line, followed by the
   "list identifier". For example:
   [OSGeo][WebCom][Dev] or [OSGeo][WebCom][Issue][SC99][New]

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