Web Site Committee Meeting 2006-May-17 - question re Minutes

Dave Patton dpatton at confluence.org
Mon May 22 18:01:49 EDT 2006

I had a couple of ideas, for which I was going to
create Project Tracker artifacts, but I'm not sure
is they are already covered by a couple of the
items in the last meeting's minutes, and I can't
decide based on the IRC log.

"reauthor the mailing list page to describe the main
lists and provide links to the mailing list pages for
each project"

I was going to suggest that there only needs to be
a single "mailing lists page", which would include
every mailing list hosted by osgeo.org, with each
list having it's subscribe/unsubscribe links, etc.

That way someone can get 'the whole picture'.
The page could be divided into sections, for
each project, with a Table of Contents at the

Maybe each project could have it's own mailing
list page, perhaps with more details about each
list than what is shown on the "main mailing
list page", but there should be a link on those
individual pages to "the main page".

"create single project page with quick description
and link to project"

Is this referring to the Wiki, or the main website?

I was going to suggest that every project have at least
a "stub" page on the Wiki. For example, this page:
only lists "MapGuide Open Source" in the
Project Specific Wiki section.

For example, there are at least two GDAL Wiki pages:
and I would think that there should be a "GDAL project
page" in the Wiki, with links to both of these, and
a link on the Wiki main page to the GDAL project page.

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