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Swapnil Hajare dreamil at gmail.com
Fri Nov 10 11:06:50 EST 2006

Hi Tyler,
  yes we are ready to start working on the drupal based community portal.
For the access control, I had asked Kanhaiya to try out somethings on groups
and group access control in drupal. He will be posting his experience in his
mail to the list today. From an abstract view of drupal's group
functionality it looks possible to have certain sections of site "owned" by
particular group. We will have to wait for kanhaiya's mail for details
  We should start discussing which all groups of users should be there for
the OSGeo portal.
Wiki page for group policy (i.e.
http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/SAC:Security_Groups_Policy) is a good start
but needs to be more detailed in the sense that it is more general document
for the OSGeo resources. It needs to detailed out to define groups which can
be represented as drupal groups in terms of portal access privileges and
availablity of various facilities on portal.

  I am also going to write another mail for service provider directory to
the list.

  We are genrally available online from 10.00am to 11pm IST (i.e. 13hrs)
where IST is +0530hrs from GMT. For last 8-10 days there has been major
problem with out internet connection due to which we are likely to switch to
a new ISP in coming 1-2 days. Hopefully we will be available for more time
then. Till then I will try to be on IRC between 7pm and 11pm IST.


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> Subject: Drupal work
> Hi Swapnil,
> Are you and the others on this webcom list now?  Are you ready to
> start doing some work on the Drupal site?  I think the first task at
> hand is to layout a rough access control plan.  This would include
> some hierarchical, node-level, permissions where parts of the site
> are essentially 'owned' by a certain group/committee.  You've
> mentioned them to me briefly in another mail, but let's get the
> conversation going through this list so others can add to it as
> needed.  Keep in mind that I'm not familiar with all the nuances of
> access control and groups, etc. in Drupal.
> What are your thoughts?  What time of day (and timezone) are you
> available to chat interactively?
> Tyler

Swapnil Hajare
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