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Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Fri Nov 10 11:58:11 EST 2006

I just added a CMS-specific section the bottom of:
... just to wrap my head around how things might relate to the more  
system-focused roles.  More discussion needed, obviously.


On 10-Nov-06, at 8:49 AM, Jason Birch wrote:

> There will be a requirement for the CMS to tie into the OpenLDAP  
> server that we will be putting in place in the new hardware.  We  
> need to keep our system manageable.
> Drupal users need to be fed into / out of this system.  Roles need  
> to be pulled from this system, but should be maintained through a  
> secure interface.  I don't know much about OG, but it seems that  
> something as flexible as this may not be appropriate unless we're  
> careful about locking it down.
> We're also going to need to integrate mediawiki with LDAP.  There  
> appears to be good support for this:
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/LDAP_Authentication
> Jason
> From: kanhaiya kale
> Sent: Friday, November 10, 2006 08:27
> To: dev at webcommittee.osgeo.org; jitendra
> Subject: [Web Comm] Drupal modules and it's functionalities
> Hi,
> In drupal, i have seen some modules and it's functionality. I think  
> these modules with minor changes in it will fulfill our  
> requirement. Modules are listed below,
> Organic Group (og module) :
> Enable users to create and manage their own 'groups'.
> Each group can have subscribers, and maintains a group page where  
> subscribers can post into.
> Membership to groups may be open, moderated, or invitation only.
> Any page,forum,poll etc. created by a user of a group 'A' can/ 
> cannot be access by a users of group 'B'.
> Any post created by a user of group 'A' can/cannot give access to  
> users of group 'B'.
> og block visibility module :
> This module allows you to specify that a block should be visible  
> only within selected groups.
> This can be used for many purposes, from providing each organic  
> group with its own navigation menu, to allowing a group to  
> highlight its own featured content, etc.
> og forum module :
> Upon creating an og group, it creates a forum container for that  
> group, with a single sub-forum.
> A record is also placed in og_term to tie the organic group with  
> the forum container's term ID.
> When viewing groups, only forum discussions for that group are  
> displayed.
> The og_term table could be useful for other applications of tying  
> groups to taxonomy as well.
> og mandatory group module :
> An add-on for the Organic Groups module that makes one group  
> mandatory for all new users.
> Choose one group that all new users will be put into. You can chose  
> either an open or a closed group. Any new user will be auto- 
> approved as member of the group. The group manager(s) of groups  
> that a new user joins will get an automatic e-mail notice.
> This module also  allows the admin to require a new user to join at  
> least one group during registration by requiring them to choose one  
> of the groups listed in the registration form. This group is in  
> addition to any mandatory group.  This feature is disabled by  
> default, is independent of whether a mandatory group is selected,  
> and has no effect if there are no groups listed in the registration  
> form.
> og moderate module :
> Moderate public posts from organic groups module. Moderated posts  
> will be hidden from anonymous visitors. Moderation needs to be done  
> by node administrators or another module.
> og roles :
> This module allows you to, for each group type, specify a list of  
> roles that group administrators are allowed to assign. In the  
> subscriber list (og/users/<node id>), a 'configure member roles'  
> tab will appear if both the group type is allowed to configure  
> roles and the current user is an admin for the group.
> For example, if you created a "trusted user" role, and a new node  
> type called "official group," you could allow administrators of  
> only official groups to add selected other group members of to the  
> "trusted user" role.
> Regards,
> -- 
> kanhaiya kale (KK)

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