[VisCom] The logos have arrived!

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Tue Nov 21 02:43:41 EST 2006

Not yet linked to main site, so if I really screwed up I'm not in too much trouble :)
Once we get some "Supporter" "Member" "SuperElite Sponsor", etc logos they can have their own sections, or probably their own page.

From: Michael P. Gerlek
Sent: Mon 2006-11-20 8:50 PM
To: dev at visibilitycommittee.osgeo.org
Subject: RE: [VisCom] The logos have arrived!

Tyler, Jason, others: 

We can assume he won't get the cards done in time for AU.  I'd like to hold off on making any cards beyond what you need right now for AU, though, so that we can maintain a common look/feel...  I fear now that the logos are ready, they're going to be storming the gates and we're going to quickly lose control :-)

John Close (Push Design) has now completed Phase 1 (logo design/refinement) and Phase 2 (delivery of multiple version & file formats).  [If we need additional file formats, we can ask him or do it ourselves.]  He still owes Phase 3 (ad template, powerpoint template, business cards) and Phase 4 (formal branding guide).  I've asked him for a date on Phase 3, and hinted politely that the business cards are most important.

I think we're okay for Tyler and Jason to start rolling out the new logos -- although I do worry so about people starting to mash up their own variantions w/o VisCom input...  Perhaps if everyone were to send me a list of what spins are needed ("Supporter of", etc) I can keep things sane...  (Didn't I already start a list like that on the wiki?  Hmm.)

I will pass the supersecret ftp info to Jason so he can unpack them for us somewhere nice. 


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