[VisCom] Re: OSGeo logo on business cards and other printed materials

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at ccgis.de
Wed Nov 22 07:43:45 EST 2006

venka.osgeo wrote:
> Tyler Mitchell wrote:
>> This sounds all good to me.  By the way, the first batch of logo files 
>> just arrived today, so VisCom is deciding how/when/where to get them 
>> into use.  This should help soon...
> Great news about the new logos. If there is no objection for
> other in VisCom and BoD, I will convey the guidelines to
> Japan Local Chapter members tomorrow. Perhaps we could also
> update http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Logo_Use so that other
> local chapters would also get the info.
> Another request, could someone add the Local Chapter Menu item
> to http://community.osgeo.org/
> I think it is important for visitors to the Drupal site to know
> about official OSGeo local chapters
> Regards
> Venka

Thanks, Venka,
I was too slow again, I just saw that you are having a go at it already. 


>> Tyler
>> On 20-Nov-06, at 7:03 PM, venka.osgeo wrote:
>>> Dear All,
>>> Thanks for the feedback about the logo usage.
>>> I would like to refresh my understanding and
>>> convey the guidelines to the local chapter
>>> members. Pl. correct me if my understanding
>>> is wrong so that I can provide correct information
>>> to OSGeo members in Japan.
>>> 1) OSGeo Officers and Board Members can use
>>> OSGeo Logo on their business card. Such usage
>>> must be in the *OSGeo Specific* business card.
>>> 2) Members can use the logo with qualifier
>>> "Member of" OSGeo.
>>> 3) Local chapter can use OSGeo logo as
>>> specified in the Local Chapter Guidlines
>>> (See https://www.osgeo.org/content/chapters/guidelines.html
>>> under Chapter Befefits as below
>>> "OSGeo Chapter" is permitted to use OSGeo Logo and other branded 
>>> resources for promoting the Mission and Objectives of OSGeo.)
>>> 4) Web pages showing OSGeo Logo must be a html link rather
>>> that image
>>> 5) Maybe we could have a 'local chapter' logo?  So that they can have 
>>> an OSGeo Japan local chapter one that they can use on their cards.
>>> For example, Japan Local Chapter could add qualifier in Japanese
>>> or show the OSGeo name in Japanese language below the logo.
>>> 6) Logo's with qualifier will be available soon. In the mean
>>> time members could use the presently available logo by adding
>>> a printed qualifier "Member of" above the OSGeo logo. Simply
>>> "Member" below the logo would also suffice as a qualifier,
>>> I think.
>>> Particularly, the OSGeo members are eager to use the
>>> OSGeo Logo on business cards and website for the
>>> OSGeo event scheduled to be held in Tokyo on 7 Dec 2006.
>>> About 250 people will attend this event. The event
>>> website is at http://www.seminar.jp/osgeo/ (in Japanese)
>>> Kind regards
>>> Venka
>>> Tyler Mitchell wrote:
>>>>  From my perspective (others on VisCom can speak too), the only 
>>>> thing we are concerned about is confusing someone's 
>>>> support/membership of OSGeo with somehow making it look like they 
>>>> represent/speak for OSGeo.  Having the logo, with a text line saying 
>>>> 'Member Of' protects us from any misuse.  Once our current 
>>>> re-working of the logo is complete, we will then be able to pull 
>>>> together some logos for this specific purpose.
>>>> We will also eventually have 'Supporter' or 'Sponsor' versions 
>>>> geared toward sponsors.  I suggest we keep current logo usage to 
>>>> 'Member of OSGeo'.  But, Venka, others are already using the logo on 
>>>> business cards - I see no reason to not use it.  However, if they 
>>>> can wait a couple weeks we will have a shiny refurbished logo for 
>>>> them to use!
>>>> I think this fits with the reading of the trademark motion made 
>>>> earlier.
>>>> Tyler
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