[Web Comm] RE: [VisCom] The logos have arrived!

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Wed Nov 22 11:17:06 EST 2006


I think the transparent background is useful; it allows sites with dark
(but not black) backgrounds to use them seamlessly.  I'll be pulling the
reversed JPGs; they were not supposed to be in that package.  I just
have to get some time on a computer where I can access CVS.  Actually,
I'd like to pull all the JPGs.  Does anyone use JPG these days?


Personally, I like giving the users the flexibility to download the
entire package at once, but the main reason for this file was so that
the TIFFs didn't have to be loaded individually.  The zipfile is 1/4 the
size of a single TIFF.

I'm not sure that I like having users link to the image from our site.
It does give us some statistics on which sites are using the logo.
However, to me it feels a little "big brother"ish, costs us bandwidth
and site connection resources on every page load, and clutters the logs.
I'd be happier analysing the referrer logs to find sites that are
linking to us.


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