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Andrew Kelly akelly at collab.net
Wed Nov 22 16:05:11 EST 2006


Its there.  The link is


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On 20-Nov-06, at 4:37 PM, Jason Birch wrote:

> CVS actually.
> :pserver:YOURUSERID at cvs.osgeo.org:/cvs
> Module: "www"
> I use TortoiseCVS from home; it's pretty easy to use.
> The main page is DomainHome, and there is a separate file for the  
> bottom
> section of the right menu.  The left column is in the "Look" CVS  
> module
> if you want to add a link to the left menu.

Okay, I think I've done it right and committed the page into:
But I can't seem to hit it from https://www.osgeo.org/sponsorship/ 

What am I missing?  Did it really commit?


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