Site content porting...

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at
Thu Nov 23 17:10:18 EST 2006

Hi all,
As part of moving forward on our site migration, a couple FYI points  
for you following a discussion with Shawn et al this morning.

I have asked the Indictrans group (Swapnil and others) to look at the  
easiest way to move our static HTML web pages over into our new  
framework.  The idea here is to not have to deal with all the Drupal  
enhancements we envisioned or to set up all the advanced group-level  
privileges, but simply to get the front-end public face of  
moved over in a timely manner.  The goal is to have an uninterrupted  
web site.  After the migration rush is over it will be easier to 'do  
it right' and revisit the whole content layout/access issues and our  
other particular site improvement ideas.  Anyone who has time to help  
with the content port, please let me know.

Shawn is mainly looking at the service side of things, including  
LDAP, SVN, mailing lists, etc.  I am getting the final details  
together for hosting provider selection.

More to come as things progress...


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