[Web Comm] Site content porting...

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Thu Nov 23 17:30:40 EST 2006

hi Tyler,
On Thu, Nov 23, 2006 at 02:10:18PM -0800, Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> framework.  The idea here is to not have to deal with all the Drupal  
> enhancements we envisioned or to set up all the advanced group-level  
> privileges, but simply to get the front-end public face of osgeo.org  
> moved over in a timely manner.  The goal is to have an uninterrupted  
> web site.  After the migration rush is over it will be easier to 'do  
> it right'

This makes sense to me. 

When we last talked about this a couple of months ago I made some
notes here about different services and namespaces:

I found Google Sitemap generation simple and maybe helpful;
remembering that CoolURIsDontChange and so on, mapping redirects to new 
pages so as little as possible webwise breaks. 

I am really interested in working on prototype sites for different
applications e.g. for the geodata committee and for the UK local
chapter. Generally I would be up for putting a couple of days into the
migration process whatever is needed over the next few weeks... 

I would like to see a trac installation at least being used for
notekeeping of what's being worked on; would this be possible to set
up on the new system soon? (I have no idea what system status is and
forgive any wild overoptimism on my part)



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