[Web Comm] Modest Front Page Changes

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Tue Oct 3 00:00:10 EDT 2006

All good suggestions Tyler.  
Go ahead and figure out how to make the changes :)  I've added you as a documentation developer in the www project.  I have limited rights in the look project (I think I used to be an owner there) so we'll have to find another way of getting you rights.  Frank, are you an Owner in look?
I'd also recommend adding some descriptive text to the freegis.org link for users who don't know what it is.  Something like "Free GIS Software directory".
Here's the CVS connection strings:
cvs -d :pserver:YourOSGeoID at cvs.osgeo.org:/cvs checkout www
cvs -d :pserver:YourOSGeoID at cvs.osgeo.org:/cvs checkout look
The files you'll be interested in are:
(in the www module) which controls the right column and
( in the look project) which controls the content of the "OSGeo Foundation" and "OSGeo Community" sections.
As far as the number of news items to show, I'm not sure where that's set.  Frank or Jo, all powerful news editors?
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