[Web Comm] Modest Front Page Changes

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Mon Oct 2 23:39:33 EDT 2006

On 2-Oct-06, at 7:48 PM, Frank Warmerdam wrote:

> OK, with some support, and no negative feedback I have gone ahead  
> and tried
> applying this, seemingly successfully.  Let me know of any problems.
> This was my first small change in the look project so I'm a bit  
> nervous.

I think you did fine, Frank.  Congrats - you survived!

A couple things I'd recommend that we change (kick me if it's already  
been discussed, please!):
-I like the way that the developer spotlights in the middle column  
are called "Community Spotlights".  I see these more as community  
oriented interviews, not just developers who are only a part of the  
larger community.  Can we change the link in the community box to  
reflect "Community Spotlights" instead of "developer"?  I hope we can  
eventually have some project spotlights and other community-focused  
kinds of case studies, etc. that would fall in this category.
-The freegis link is good.  Can we move the Links & Resources box to  
the left beneath Community?  It's right off the bottom of my screen  
as-is.  Bumping down the search and help boxes won't hurt anything,  
will it?
-Since the right column is quite tall can we squeeze it a bit by  
reducing the number of site news items that show, perhaps only show  

What do you think?  I don't mind learning how to make these changes  
if we end up wanting to.


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