[webcommittee][SC56][Move/Copy] Fix failed ServerAdmin unit tests under Linux

Auke Jilderda auke at collab.net
Tue Oct 3 06:02:18 EDT 2006

Hi Jason,

the guest account is a system account that is created upon instantiating
the site.  Its 'reason d'etre' is to be able to define the level of
access for anonymous users.

Somebody, (Daniel or somebody else but it is probably not important who
did it) created the 'webcommittee.guest for issue tracker' role and
granted it to the guest user.  This role is redundant with the Observer
role so I suggest we do the following:
 1 Revoke the role from Guest and Domain Users
 2 Delete the 'webcommittee.guest for issue tracker' role
 3 Either or:
   a Grant Domain Users the Observer role.  As I mentioned this will
     require somebody to log in before being able to submit an issue.
   b Grant Domain Users as well as Guest the Observer role *and* add a
     field to the issue tracker artifact type to fill in some contact

Personally, I would prefer insisting on people to log in before
submitting an issue.  If logging in is already too high a threshold, I'm
not sure how valuable the feedback will be.  That said, we can do it
however you want.  Just let me know how you'd like it to work and I'll
set it up properly.  It's a tiny effort to reconfigure but I just need
to know which of the two approaches we prefer.


On 02 October 2006 16:20, Jason Birch wrote:
> I believe that this was an account that was set up by Daniel.  I
> certainly haven't got into the CollabNet permissions system far enough
> to figure this out.
> The issue is that the project tracker for the website needs to allow
> users to submit problems without having to sign up first; it is too
> much of an impediment.
> This has happenned a couple times in the past.  I wonder if a spider
> is hitting a link.  If so, perhaps a robots.txt file would help.
> Jason

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