[Web Comm] Modest Front Page Changes

Auke Jilderda auke at collab.net
Tue Oct 3 04:49:37 EDT 2006

Hi Tyler,

you only had a role in 'www' but not yet in 'look'.  I added you with
the developer role which gives your write access.  Should work fine now.

The term "community spotlight" is better indeed.  It allows us to also
have spotlights on particular projects or initiatives, in addition to
persons.  By the way, Markus' profile is in the making.  Currently being
ran by a native English speaker to make sure it is proper English.


On 03 October 2006 07:52, Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> I'm used to two commands but thought that having my ID in the co
> command would have been enough to bypass login.  Like, duh...  thanks!
> I'm in to the www repository, but look doesn't like me: "User
> tmitchell doesn't have <VersionControl - Read> access to  project
> look" I assume that was expected.
> Tyler

On 03 October 2006 05:40, Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> I think you did fine, Frank.  Congrats - you survived!
> A couple things I'd recommend that we change (kick me if it's already
> been discussed, please!):

> -I like the way that the developer spotlights in the middle column
> are called "Community Spotlights".  I see these more as community
> oriented interviews, not just developers who are only a part of the
> larger community.  Can we change the link in the community box to
> reflect "Community Spotlights" instead of "developer"?  I hope we can
> eventually have some project spotlights and other community-focused
> kinds of case studies, etc. that would fall in this category.
> -The freegis link is good.  Can we move the Links & Resources box to
> the left beneath Community?  It's right off the bottom of my screen
> as-is.  Bumping down the search and help boxes won't hurt anything,
> will it?
> -Since the right column is quite tall can we squeeze it a bit by
> reducing the number of site news items that show, perhaps only show
> three.
> What do you think?  I don't mind learning how to make these changes
> if we end up wanting to.
> Tyler

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