[Web Comm] content creation, and current content

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Mon Oct 2 19:08:06 EDT 2006

I think that we should strongly work on publishing the VisCom material
(that's our role in relationship to them, though we also can create own
content) so if there are documents that they haven't submitted for
publication, we should contact them to make sure that they are suitable
for public consumption and then publish them.


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Jody Garnett wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I have been quiet for a couple months but thought I should check back 
> to see how things are going (and if now is a useful time for more 
> involvement).
Looking at the following page:

Some suggested content was listed as "convincers" (interesting term), if
no progress has been made on these items we could assume little interest
and try again.

So far the following content has been produced:
- Developer Profiles
- Flyers
- Announcements (do we also have Press Releases)

Hunting through "documentation and files" I can find a lot more
artifacts from the visibility committee. And can see in their mandate
that the have some of these concerns listed as part of their "mission":
>     * creation and use of OSGeo marketing materials (brochures, logos,
>       etc)
>     * aiding in the creation and dissemination of case studies, white
>       papers, etc
So perhaps I should switch groups to chase after marketing goals, and
leave this list in peace. Or we should work on making the artifacts they
have produced accessible to website visitors. My concern is coordination
and having a consistent message fall between the gaps of these two


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