Automatic locking of (host) user accounts

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at
Wed Oct 4 11:02:53 EDT 2006

Auke Jilderda wrote:
> Frank, Tyler,
> another topic where I'm not sure who, if anybody or any committee, is
> responsible for it: See the attached mail for details but I changed a
> minor configuration item: The site was configured to never lock regular
> user accounts and lock host user accounts after three failed attempts.
> I changed the latter to never lock host user accounts to prevent the
> guest account from being locked.
> Who, if anybody or any committee, is responsible for site configuration?
> Is this change ok or need I revert it?


My suggestion would be for you to make such decisions as you see fit, but
to notify the web committee of changes.  If there is any objection then
we can discuss it further.   If there are changes that you feel you need
more input on, then I would suggest bringing them to the web committee.

If the changes are likely to have substantial effects on projects (such
as MapGuide) then the project leads using CN should also be brought into
the loop - mostly this would just be Bob Bray.

The Web Committee is assigned responsibility for the overall web site.
However, I am pretty sure it is happy to leave most technical issues to
you, preferring to concentrate on content creation.

I've taken the liberty of cc:ing webcom in case my opinions are not

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