[Web Comm] Website map ...

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Tue Oct 17 18:56:43 EDT 2006

> Well yes.  My point is that I have the impression that
> quite some people in the OSGeo community are not
> satisfied with CN but mainly because they are trying
> to use it for something that it was not designed to do.

Auke, I don't want to slam CN; it does much of what it's advertised to
do very well, and the quality of service within those bounds has been
excellent.  However, a lot of the frustration has been around the
ability to configure things in ways that we know are technically
possible and are accepted standards in open source, such as (one
example) setting up the mailing lists to reply to sender, strip
attachments, etc.  Part of the problem is that our membership knows what
can be done with open source tools, and is used to having the freedom to
do it.


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