Website discussion (split between marketting / community / development )

Jody Garnett jgarnett at
Tue Oct 17 21:30:55 EDT 2006

Auke Jilderda wrote:
> Well yes.  My point is that I have the impression that quite some people
> in the OSGeo community are not satisfied with CN but mainly because they
> are trying to use it for something that it was not designed to do.
No worries on that front - my discontent is my lack of involvement with 
this committee  :-) Your product is safe from my complaints....
> I very purposely distinguish marketing and community.  I think it works
> best to distinguish to target audience and the audiences any succesful
> Open Source community has are the following three:
> - (Candidate) users
> - Testers and potential contributors
> - Developers
We have a slightly different breakdown represented by the stories 
collected on our wiki. Although it strikes me we need at least one story 
built around a member of the OSGeo foundation trying to participate in 
foundation activities.
>> Do you have any recommendations for managing a "straightforward web
>> site"? I suppose we could look into what uses ...
> Ehm, there are many ways to do it.  My main message here is that, in my
> opinion, it would help OSGeo to make the distinction into marketing,
> community, and development and not try to shove all three into a single
> solution or a single blend of solutions.  The three are fundamentally
> different, have fundamentally different target audiences, a
> fundamentally different dynamic, and fundamentally different
> requirements.
An early example of this was the split between the OGC website and 
portal. I am/was trying to capture this
with user stories.
> Does that make sense?
It does, in terms of "blending everything" do not worry - we already 
know that this cannot be achieved. We have a couple up front constraints 
that preventing this:
- content hosted by individual projects require a "bridge" to so they 
can participate in the overall OSGeo web experience
- supporting day-2-day foundation activities

We should canvas the projects to see what they want to take on 
responsibility for, or what they are expecting from the web committee.


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