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Dave Patton dpatton at confluence.org
Thu Oct 26 10:25:09 EDT 2006

Jody Garnett wrote:
> Attached is a pdf, I have a few more user stories to go through before 
> starting in on the site map. The document contains:
> - review of a similar site (eclipse.org) that has just made the 
> transition to a use based work flow
> - review of user stories from the wiki
> - placeholder for site map
> - visual draft (so you do not think I am crazy)

In the "Website Map" thread, Jody said:
"So I would like us to not to look at the graphic design right now,
and instead focus on what content we are trying to organize and for
whom, we will come back to the graphic design with a much more
focused website that serves a different group of users."

It is very useful to have the "visual draft" that Jody produced, but
some people have made comments referring to 'location on the page',
such as "need a breadcrumb area at the top of each page",
"in the upper right corner", etc.

The real key is to have 'the right content' for the pages.
Well-authored HTML that uses Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) for
layout will allow for easy 'adjustment and tweaking' of any
desired 'OSGeo site layout'.

If you want an example of how the same content can look quite
different using different CSS, take a look at the CSS Zen Garden:

To me, it raises the question of whether the goal would be to
have a consistent 'OSGeo webpage layout'(for users who are using
a CSS-capable browser) across the entire OSGeo website?

Should site users have the option of selecting a different "theme"?
For example, maybe a different layout, with navigation menus
located in a different part of the webpages?

Should individual projects be able to have a different default
"theme" for their pages than the OSGeo site default?

Would it be useful for some translated webpages, such as those
done for right-to-left languages, to have a different default "theme"?

Also, there is the issue of "accessibility" to keep in mind:
and that it may be helpful, or even required in some cases, to
comply with USA "Section 508" rules with regards to dealing with
USA Federal Agencies, or other such rules for other countries.

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