[Web Comm] Site map research and notes

Jody Garnett jgarnett at refractions.net
Tue Oct 17 16:13:45 EDT 2006

Jo Walsh wrote:
> It is a thing of beauty. Do you, perhaps, dream in powerpoint form? 
Alas, I dream in pictures - but here is the document in (in open office 
format just for you):
- https://webcommittee.osgeo.org/files/documents/14/298/website.odp

If anyone would like to help out, the next step is:
- complete the visitor stories from the wiki, (in programmer speak make 
a DAG out of the pages needed to help the visitor)
- start stitching them together into a single diagram to see what we 
intend to make
> The visual drafts make the most sense to me and I would like to see
> more of them. I think I'm missing a sense of how the user stories,
> connect through to what goes into layouts at this level. I suspect the
> best way to find this out is through prototyping.
My intention with them (right now) was to try and ask the question:
- can we expect this much "control" over project websites?
  (if control is a bad word politically lets say screen real estate)

For the "osgeo" patch in the upper right corner we have:
- logo
- language buttons (even if all the project does is support english)
- search
- a gentle curve, that may be continued into the content, representing a 
horizon :-)

For OSGEO content (committee and regional) I am not too worried.
> Ideally I'd want to be able to hand over the second half of this doc,
> augmented to an implementor in - drupal, plone, what have you, let's
> be catholic - who is being paid to do that sort of thing. It's
> possible to have a good time with drupal for free, but what you get is
> what you see - something very 'default' looking and feeling. 
Agreed, I do not have my heart set on coding this up myself. Not that I 
mind helping.

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