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Gupteshwar Joshi gupteshwar.joshi at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 12:35:13 EDT 2007

Frank problem you faced for registering for SPD is not because of the
ampersand or any character in the name but due to the 'N' AND 'S'
characters in Lat/Long that is data type problem.
 That I will change, looking for the changes suggested by Jason.


On 4/20/07, Jason Birch <Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca> wrote:
> I would really prefer that the large section of header text either not
> display, or display at the bottom of the page.  It's taking up too much
> room.
> Also, that the search box show up after results.
> After submitting an entry, I think that the form should redirect to the
> search page, rather than just leaving the SP sitting there to enter
> another value.
> Jason
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> From: Gupteshwar Joshi
> Subject: [Webcom] SPD status
> Hello,
> Sorry Frank I couldn't reply to your comment soon.
> Currently I am looking to the query problem you sent to me . I am also
> looking for existence of  similar kind of special character problems
> too.
> And expecting some of header text from you as I said for kind of
> suggestions I got when you put the application for user testing.
> I am not working next 2 days by then I Will head you with correction.
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